Welcome to The Ole Homestead Jelly



We use only the finest local Louisiana fruits available to insure the best jellys are made here at The Ole Homestead. 



We are proud to be part of something alot of southern familys cherish and have fond memories of. We have family recipes that date back 60 years. The Ole Homestead was established in 1995.

LaRger variety to suit any palette

We have 48 different flavors including pepper jellys, breakfast jellys, syrup and pickled products.

Welcome to The Ole Homestead Jelly

Come step back in time with us at The Homestead for our home style Louisiana gourmet cuisine foods. We make our jellies using Mayhaw, Muscadine and all the other wild fruits that grow here in Louisiana, plus some we raise and buy.

Everyday with Rachel Ray Magazine August 2006 issue named Five pepper Jelly the best pepper jelly. We have a very large line of pepper jellies featuring our #1 selling item, "crawfish" jelly.

We are located in Gilbert Louisiana specializing in homemade jam, homemade jelly and offering jam and preserves!

Check out our online catalog. We would love to share these "true flavors of the south" with you.


We now have no minimum order, you can order 1 jar or 10 jars . If you order our six pack gift box you must make a note in the comment box during checkout, if it is a gift and what you would like the card to say and we will ship it in this nifty gift pack with a personalized car with the words of your choice .

homemade jelly and jam giftbox

homemade pickled products

Pickled Products

Peppered Jelly
Pepper Jellies & Jams

Louisiana Wild Fruit

Louisiana Wild Fruit Jelly


Latest News


We will be at the 28th annual christmas extravaganza in Covington LA. on the fare grounds.


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